Here’s A Freebie

Look. I’ve been going through some holiday pictures to try to sort them into something manageable for presentation here. And this photo. This photo gets me every time. She wanted the block, I don’t know why, on the bannister. And when she couldn’t reach it, instead of removing the gate, of which she is very capable, she decided to use Pooh as a stepping stool.

And it’s the act of using her Glorious Pooh, Bestest Friend Ever, as a stepping stool that just seems to be a toddlerized reflection of the human condition. There’s a lesson there. Don’t step on your friends to get what you want. You may not even get what you want. And if they aren’t inanimate, they may take that personally.

So, enjoy the bonus picture. That you’ve already seen.

2 thoughts on “Here’s A Freebie

  1. How do you know that Pooh didn’t offer himself up to Claire? He’s just self-sacrificing. Maybe Pooh is Claire’s giving tree. Is Pooh selfless and Claire using him? Ooor perhaps it’s just the greatest example of true love, that between Claire and her Glorious Pooh, Bestest Friend Ever. He gives because he loves.

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