Disease Is Everywhere

We’re having a hard time escaping the Disease out here in the Dass Household. On Friday we got the phone call “I’ve been informing everyone, you may want to get tested.” In your single days, this phone call has a totally different context than in your child raising days. But, honestly, it comes with the same emotional reaction.

Anyroad, a child at Claire’s day care tested positive for a fashion of the cold virus that is not especially kind to the lungs. In fact, it’s very dangerous for infants. So, you know. We were concerned for Claire’s mortal safety. And there was much hand wringing. Ultimately, it’s proven to be a nasty cough. And after all that heart breaking worrying, we’re left being primarily concerned with logistics for the coming week. The practicality of logistics always wins out over emotional duress.

All is well here. And Claire has weathered it with her usual aplomb attitude. It’s basically served as an excuse for us to indulge her in her recently discovered Finding Nemo addiction. I love how kids can watch the same movie forty times a day for a week and not get tired of it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Aside from that, Claire will now smile and pose for a picture if you ask her. Even when loaded with chocolate as seen above. But, I do love that even with all that DVD watching madness in her, she still views my string to Story Books as awesome. And that is pretty cool.

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