Winner Winner Negative Test

Booyakasha, son! What! Went to the doctor and it was a total negative on lung threatening child cold virus. Downside, bilateral ear infection. So, you know. Ups and downs. The doctor was impressed with Claire’s pain tolerance. Or concerned. It’s hard to say, hearing it second hand.

Danielle took Claire to the pediatrician while I was at work today. And first thing during the routine ear check she was like, yeah. She’s got an ear infection. Times two. Apparently those make you cough. Who knew? I tell you, I’m glad the pragmatism of logistics wins the day. Because, otherwise, we wouldn’t have known until the poor kid was well and truly in pain.

She’s on a regimen of the antibiotics. I feel for her. That’s never fun.

In the mean time, it’s always nice to be welcomed home. I know in like ten or twelve years Claire is going to loathe me for the better part of a decade. But, right now. Spawning is groovy.

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