The Date Is What?

I can’t believe it’s the 18th. Christmas was almost a month ago. You know, being a parent, an expecting parent, a husband and an employed member of society is demanding. You people have to keep me on track here. I’d’ve set a car on fire already, demanding the Christmas photos.

It’s now been promoted to Weekend Project 682. Ima get on that.

Meanwhile, do you see how adorable my daughter is? Even sick she’s sharing her movie with her toys. It took her like five minutes to get them all set up just so. And she spent the next fifteen describing the plot of a Blues Clues Baby Sister episode to them. In the way only a two year old can. I turned off the news and listened to that instead. It was way better. Not that the news was setting a high bar. But, still. I’d’ve come out of a play station coma for that.

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