Another Weekend Gone

Danielle and I recently came to the realization that we’re, like, you know. Gonna have another kid here in a few short weekends. So, we’ve really been running around the last couple weekends trying to get the final move in details done. Not Harper’s, mind. That’s covered. She’ll get Claire’s stuff and like it. I’m talking about ours. It’s been a project. De-Stuffing our house. We realized that if it ain’t done by the time the baby arrives, it won’t be done til another year.

In that spirit, We’ve got the great room downstairs well under way to livable. It’s sort of jumping ahead, but yeah. That’s me next to our make shift screen what with our projector set up. It’s life-sized. No big deal.

What I’m really trying to say is that I spent the weekend up to awesome stuff for Danielle and I. And less so for managing the Christmas photos on the blog. I hope you aren’t jealous.

Plus side for you, I’m out sick tomorrow. It’s karma. All that smack talk about “Whose Immune System? Run’s Immune System!” But! Project 682 might yet be accomplished.

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