Sick Days Are For Losers

I was the kind of sick that a day to recuperate really addresses. Poor Claire, is genuinely struggling with a cough. The pediatrician is back to thinking she’s got the coughing cold. Partly because it presents as a sort of laryngitis in adults, which Danielle has. And, you know Danielle is like twelve months pregnant, right?

Basically what I’m saying is that just because I stayed home from work for feeling unwell, doesn’t really mean a pity party rains down on me from any of the rest of the family. I continued cleaning the house for the work day, cooked dinner, and watched Claire. So. I’m just saying. It’s been a day. No particular reason that I’m noting my extreme business.

Now, please note the pictures provided tonight. None of those are Claire’s. I really did find all of those stuffed animals left downstairs, apparently collected by Danielle and myself over the last nearly dozen years or so. Couple of regular adults, we are. However, given Claire’s recent fascination with Finding Nemo, and her current coughing fits, I did give her the Sea Turtle stuffed animal from Nemo. When she saw the table she said “Dragon!” (Malificent) “Dragon!” (Albert, the Gator) “SEA TURTLE SEA TURTLE SEA TURTLE!”

So, Good Parenting, Me.

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