It. Is. ALIVE!

Everyone is finally on the mend. Claire appears to be well. Danielle is still recovering, of course, but she’s up and about. And breathing! And I’m largely better. One thing about taking care of your family when you’re sick is that your immune system doesn’t really have time to look out for itself. So, I’ve been the walking dead for the last few days, but surviving none the less. Even when I didn’t want to.

In all this mess, with Claire and Danielle trading diseases, Claire hasn’t spent very much time asleep in her crib. So, since we were making a shift back to normal, we thought we’d implement The Toddler Bed. Which is basically just a person bed with netting. Tonight’s the first night we’re trying that out. So far, it’s going well. Of course, it’s barely past 10 PM.

But, she seemed to like the idea of her own bed. She was just chillin’ in her room when I got home. I’m for it, til I’m against, I say. Wish us god speed.

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