One Way To Use A Couch

I have many thoughts on the couch. The first one, that’s a surprisingly sturdy way to store a couch. The second is, don’t pick out a cough when everyone is sick, basically. We picked that to put it down stairs to help finish out that room of the house. Danielle was here when the delivery guys arrived and, well. The couch does not go downstairs. But, they wouldn’t move the other couch. So, we couldn’t unwrap it and install the legs because if the couch upstairs doesn’t fit downstairs, we have to send it back. And with Danielle, you know, pregnant and pneumonia’d and me sick, it doesn’t get moved til reinforcements arrive tomorrow. So, we spent the last two days staring at a monument to the failure of my spatial sense. It’s sort of a mash up of a modern bourgeoisie take on egyptian architecture. I call it The Near Sighted Eye of Ra.

Claire has been aware that Danielle and I are both sick and has been surprisingly reserved in her usual madness. She’s been much more willing to spend time in a chair with me looking at picture books. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed that. Usually she wants to be all over the place. And, she’s two, so I respect that. But, that part of this experience has really been the silver lining.

My aunt Karen sent a picture book our way for Christmas, and that’s the one we’ve been looking at. When I got home today, I entered the house undetected to hear Claire lecturing Danielle about how this book is Daddy’s Story Book. Life’s misery is rarely without a silver lining. I’ll take this one.

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