Dinner Out

We went out to dinner tonight with Danielle’s mother and sister. Aside from the fact that I went straight there from work, which is always hard for me – work to loud places with tons of people -, I had a good time. More importantly, Claire had a good time. She had one cup for milk and one cup for Sprite. And, she indulged in both simultaneously. I mean that literally. She put both straws in her mouth and drank from both at the same time. I really don’t know what to make of that.

Incidentally, on the back of Danielle’s fortune cookie was the Chinese word for boy. So, I’m really not sure what a random occurrence of paper and sugar cookies are trying to tell her, but well. I’m pretty sure Alexandra Harper is going to be pissed if she’s a boy with a name like that. And look. That decision is made. Insha’allah, the name will fit its caretaker.

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