Going For A Ride

Tonight when I got home Claire was so excited to see me that she literally ran around the kitchen table until she fell down. She ran about ten laps screaming “My Daddy! My Daddy!” until she stumbled and dove like she was sliding into home plate. She cried for a couple minutes after that and then she was good. I mean, I felt bad that her excitement to see me led her to trip and fall, but, well. You know. It’s really nice to be welcomed home like a rock star.

The pictures are from Sunday night. She brought me her Elmo truck and demanded I ride it. So, I did. When she saw what awkward cramped fun I was having trying to make my way across the floor without breaking the truck and scraping the hard wood, she decided she would ride around with me. So, we did that for like ten minutes. Good fun. Good good fun.

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