Up If Not Really About

So, this has really been a messed up week. Claire gets sick. Then Danielle gets sick. Then I get sick. Everyone we’ve come into contact while sick with this disease has gotten sick. My mom, who helped out by watching Claire, got sick for her trouble. This thing was a messy beast.

So far, I appear to be the only one who had fever induced delirium. And that was out of it for so long. But, you know. Danielle had like IV rehydration and medical care. And, I didn’t have that.

On the plus side, home from work. On the down side, unpaid leave PLUS puke. I’m mostly mad that my no throw up streak has come to an end. I was so bitterly disappointed about that literally the moment before I realized the streak would come to an end. That was my one thought.  And, my exact thought process was from the scene in Armageddon when the shuttles are crash landing into the asteroid. The one shuttle’s windshield has just been fractured by debris and the pilot says “Oh my god. This is it.” And then he’s hurled out into the vacuum of space. That was me, regarding my streak, two seconds before I tried to kill myself by self inflicted instantaneous dehydration.

Everything from Thursday to Monday is a complete blur. Which is frustrating because we had stuff to get done this weekend. Can’t take a rain check on this delivery. Anyroad. Things should be back up and running here as much as they can. But, realistically, don’t be surprised about occasional missed days for the next six weeks or so. We’ve got a lot to do and the illnesses have cut out quite a few days of prep time. Plus, once the baby arrives. Well, that’s self explanatory.

Off to rest. Back to work tomorrow.

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