Lesson Learned

Well. Tonight we learned a quality lesson about doors. They have locks. And sometimes your toddler will inadvertently lock herself in a room in the course of playing RAWR. And, having inadvertently locked themselves in a room, not understand why the door won’t open. And, confounded, be upset that dad would break down the door in the course of winning said game of RAWR.

First, interior doors that lock are unnecessary and foolish. Second, count your blessings that the now broken door (though, not to splinters mind, just the top corner to reach through) was also the broken door what came with the house that needed replacing any how. Third, we may as well break out The Shining and watch it as a family. Fourth, kids are resilient as upon reassuring her that I did not break a door in anger she agreed that dads are silly. Which, fifth, is a strike against being considered Jack Torrance. So, sixth, huzzahs all around that the old man can still politely break a door down with as little fuss and as much finesse as possible.

Finally, my rug for the library came today. Pictures later. But, enjoy the photo of Claire discovering only the best instrument-of-wanton-destruction toy a toddler ever saw.

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