Tomorrow – Deliverance

UPDATE 2: We have a baby! 7.2 ounces.

UPDATE: This show is kicking off. Things are happening. It feels sudden, after 60 hours of slow. See you on the other side.

On Monday, Danielle woke me up out of a dead sleep an hour before my alarm was to go off for work. “WAKE UP. I’m in LABOR.” She said something else, but my sleep fogged brain was deciphering the initial message’s important. Basically, I learned that if someone were to wake me by shouting FIRE they’d best leave me and rescue themselves. Anyroad, that was the import of the message. Then she said, “But, everything is okay. You can go back to sleep now. Okay? Okay.” I came upstairs a minute behind her. And she actually asked me why I was up.

This is how the last two days started. To this point, there’s been a consistent low grade labor. Regular contractions. But, not much progress. Today and yesterday we spent most of the day between the midwives and the labor and delivery room at the hospital. Not formally admitted, mind. But there to be monitored none the less.

This afternoon there was some medical concern about some medical terms associated with fluids in the womb. So, tomorrow morning we’re going to a radiology place with a better machine. Depending on the results, we’ll either head to surgery or back home. Easy money is on surgery.

There are some pros to this. First, hey. Baby tomorrow! “Hi how ya doin’ Harper. Want to know the election results from yesterday’s primaries?” Second, much less time spent in the labor and delivery room. Birthing sounds are…discomfiting for me.

Now, I’m serious and not knocking the birthing process in any way or even hinting at making light of a momentous and serious and difficult event for the mother. But, the labor sounds are to me like a sort of keening. And that sound, in my brain, is permanently associated with the noise one would make in the face of an inconceivable loss that the brain cannot fully process. I’m not sure if men hear it that way and women hear it another. But, my conscious thought and sub-conscious instincts hear those sounds in highly conflicting contexts.

The downside is, well, you know. Surgery. Which is pretty self explanatory. Also, recovery from surgery. Sub-set of the initial downside, but no less serious in its own right.

So, tonight, a sleeping pill for Danielle and rest for us. Tomorrow, we see what see. But, if all goes uneventfully, be prepared for the Rush Cut Baby Picture post.

We’ve got Harper’s room set up. Though, she’ll be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for awhile. And, I think Claire moved out of her room in protest. I’m not sure why she tried to sleep in the chair in the crosswalk of our house. But, well. There you go.

Off to prepare for tomorrow’s campaign. Formulate my strategies and battle formations and what not.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow – Deliverance

  1. Also, stop pulling a Sue Dass and pull the stickers off those plastic drawers… or else I will the next time I’m over there.

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