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It’s been an interesting day to say the least. Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes and congratulations. They’ve been very much appreciated. To me, the story book romantical notions Bringing The Baby Home were somewhat burned out by the last couple of years living in the mud and grime of everyday child rearing. That is to say, my primary concern today was the business of Getting Things Done.

That said, there was a brief set of hours while Danielle and Harper were still in the hospital that there was some concern about Harper’s well being. It turned out fine, in the end. Harper was just a bit slow, as she was in the womb, to come to a natural point in every infant’s early life. But, my goodness. Those were tense, heart wrenching new parent emotions. I had expected those sorts of reactions were for New Parents. But, you know. It turns out every new child makes you a New Parent.

All that said. Everyone is now home and well. And I am off to get my turn at some rack time. Because this tour of duty is about to kick off, hardcore. We were so worried about Claire waking the baby that we never even considered the possibility of the reverse. Well. That lesson has been learned, less than twelve hours in. Mistakes will be made. That much is certain. But, just now, I am content to have my wife and my girls home with me.

Still. I’m gonna kick the person that opined life is best when facing challenges. Right or wrong, that dude is a smug jerk.

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