Bouncing Castle Place





Danielle took Claire and Harper to a Professional Playground today with one her friends and her children. Claire played hard. So hard, she came home with a flesh wound. Claire showed it to me when I got home. I told her it was a good one and that seemed to be the right answer.

Harper, per usual, was exhausted by all this and promptly, and continuously, demanded food and a nap. It’s hard out there for an infant.

Hiding Things


Danielle came back into the guest bedroom after changing Harper’s diaper tonight. She found Claire in the bed actively hiding popcorn in the covers. Danielle asked what she was doing. Claire said “Hiding popcorn in the bed.” Duh. Naturally. Danielle asked if she would do such a thing in her own bed. “Ew. Gross.” So, then why would you do that here? “Surprise! Ha. Ha. Haaa.”

Danielle exclaimed her general dissatisfaction with whomever might have taught her that. I declined to comment.

And We’re Back



Claire built that monolith over the weekend. I asked her what it was and she matter-of-factly replied “Milk Tower.” You could hear the satisfaction in her voice. Milk Tower. And it was Good.

Claire really does love her baby sister. But, you know. I think Harper loves Claire too. Earlier tonight I saw Harper get really excited about seeing Claire. Which is kind of neat. And great. And cool. Kids can be pretty amazing.

I, however, have been sick since Wednesday. A last minute stand by on the night shifting and a rework of my sleep schedule I’m pretty sure compromised my immune system. Has to be that. Because it sure ain’t because my immune system is slacking off.

Any road. All is relatively quiet around here. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Adorable Disease Vector



Well. Harper appears to have a bit of the crud. We’re all nervous of course. Because, you know. Sick one month old baby and all. We didn’t have that last time. But, we also didn’t have an adoring disease machine.

It’s going to be a long week.

News Of The New Information Which You Have Not Yet Heard

Hello, all. ┬áIt’s been a busy week. I’ve been back at work and day care was closed Thursday and Friday. So, we’re all a little tired. But, i’ve got some important updates for you.

First, there’s been a shake up in my work schedule. We’re going 24/7. Which means somebody has to work the night shift. And, for part of the week, that somebody is going to be me. I chose it though, so don’t think there’s any complaining on my part. Even if I do feel a bit like I’m embarking on the long dark tea time of the soul, as it were.

The choice was between the nights or a swing shift Monday through Friday from 12PM to 8PM. Given that, it seems more functional to be gone at night. Otherwise Danielle would be in charge of both the childrens from around 5AM when she gets up for work until around 9PM when I get home. And, 9PM is a bad time for me to get home given that Claire reacts to my sudden presence by going all Hyper Chaos Child. Which would coincide with her normal bed time. She literally runs in circles she’s so excited to see me when I get home. Which is adorable for about five minutes. But, she keeps going for another thirty or so for good measure.

But, you know. A little bump in pay comes with the new schedule. And it allows me to see my kids on a fairly regular basis instead of just visiting with them on the weekends. So, I’m really not complaining. Which leads me to the second piece of news.

I’ve recklessly procured myself a new iPad. I didn’t need it. But, it’s shiny. And I wanted coveted it. I admit it’s a bit fan boyish meets Gollum. But, hey. It’s my new precious. And, being honest here, it’s glorious. The screen is, in fact, as beautiful as they say. When I cradle it in my arms with a picture of Harper on it, it’s almost like I’m holding my real baby. Only it doesn’t cry. Or scream at me. Or poop on me.

With that confession of unapologetic slightly apologetic consumerism, I come to my third point. I’m not exactly sure what effect this schedule will have on the blog. My schedule will settle down in about three weeks. Once I hit the point where everything is regular, I feel like the blogging will settle back to a more predictable rhythm. In the interim, please just be patient. I don’t anticipate a sudden stop in the posting, but the posts may come erratically.

With that, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming. And so I can return to playing with the iPad. Sometimes I don’t even turn it on. I just hold it like a steering wheel and make vrooooming noises. And few pew pew pews for good measure.