Arts And Crafts Time





Claire and I spent some time coloring this afternoon. She did the fingerprinting earlier in the day. Okay. She used finger paints. But, after getting the first bit of orange on her finger she demanded a brush. So, she brush painted with ginger paints earlier in the day.

Still. Good times were had. And, I’ve got a new home screen wallpaper for my iPad. Designed by my two year old. Just wait until refrigerators have programmable displays covering the doors. It’ll take fridge are to a whole nother level. The future is nifty.

5 Years Strong


Today is our fifth wedding anniversary! Claire is very happy for us. I know after two kids and five years we’re very happy for us. Life is good. Real good.

Unrelated, apparently the apocalypse was scheduled to start in D.C. while we are gone. No one tell us if a tree destroyed our house. We would like for it to be a surprise.

Harper’s Landing




I’m sending this live from Panama City, where we’ll be for a weekish (I don’t know, I don’t make the travel plans). Also, Harper’s Landing sounds like a mid tier housing development.

Not Harper’s first time on a plane. As you can see, all the glamor of flight has worn off. Claire was thrilled. She calls landing and taking off bump bump because of the turbulence. Speaking of bumping, here is a genuine conversation from the flight:

Danielle: The plane’s going to go bump bump soon!
Claire: We’re moving!
Danielle: How many bumps do you think there will be?
Claire: RED!
Danielle: That’s, uh, wait, what?
Me: Red is not a number.
Claire: HA!

It’s possible she’s a genius.