6 thoughts on “Slug Line

  1. Billy will be working Friday and Saturday nights, but I will be happy to bring said specimens over to the Senior Dass Compound on Saturday 🙂

  2. Could it possibly be Sunday if Sat is tight for us?- we can go to your house if that is better for you…..We are coming down from Harper’s Ferry that weekend. AND I haven’t made the final reservations yet. (Starting June 15th from MA—-we are going from Lake Placid, NY to Niagra, Canada to Pittsburg, PA to Harpers Ferry, WV then to Bumpass VA for Monday the 25th. Then it is on to Annapolis, MD for the 27th then HOME by Friday!) Bill Senior hasn’t gotten back with me so I don’t want to worry about that link in the trip. We are planktonic and need to go with the flow! The important stop is to see the newest Dasses!
    Love, Aunt Lydia
    PS- Are you out of school for the summer?

  3. Sorry for the delay! I have been avoiding slugs – blech! Sunday we will definitely be at the Senior Dass House so Billy can see the grandparents. I have 3 days of torture….er…..work…..left. 🙂

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