Peaceful Baby Is Oblivious


Claire just fell out of the bed. She appears to be injury free. In fact, aside from the brief moment of sheer terror I saw her undergo (after dramatically bounding across the house to save her) she appears also to have slept through it. She cried for about five minutes, but I think it was that toddler thing where ‘awake’ things – like crying – happen while they are asleep.

Harper – meanwhile – completely unphased by the throwing on of lights, gallivanting, and crying of big sister. Slept right through it, adorable holding her dog.

Dad – meanwhile – believes he’s out of the heart attack zone.

One thought on “Peaceful Baby Is Oblivious

  1. I’m glad she’s OK. I was out of a crib and in a twin bed at 18 months….maybe it runs in the family. “Don’t cage me in!”
    Aunt Lydia

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