Shots Of The Dogs





Istas is still a bit, um, afraid of the puppies. She does enjoy running away from them. Which we’re thrilled by because it’s exercise for everyone.

The puppies still have no names. It’s hard to get the time for the conversations that need to be had to come to terms. But, we figure actually caring for them and the human childrens takes priority. We’ve made progress, but we just aren’t there yet.

3 thoughts on “Shots Of The Dogs

  1. What about Nestle and Hershey?
    Augustus and Veruca?
    Johnny and Juliette?
    Ice and Cocoa?
    Fermi and Argonne?
    Mr. & Mrs. Thurston Howl III?

  2. Honestly, I’ve had trouble even thinking up joke names for them. For awhile I thought maybe Yakkity and Sacks (or whatever the spelling) would be appropriate. But all the banal London Olympics commentary ruined that for me. Thanks London.

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