One thought on “I Am Busy

  1. That is Claire’s shirt btw. Kenley (who is the hands-down best babysitter in the ENTIRE world….back off anyone considering stealing her!) swapped Harper’s spit-up stained shirt for this one. I chuckled to myself and thought “silly Kenley! Surely you can tell the difference between Harper and Claire’s shirts! But then again….maybe I just forgot to pack Harper something and she didn’t want to embarrass me by pointing out my mistake?” It wasn’t until I took that shirt off of Harper that I glanced at the tag and it says “12 months” plain as day. The shirt Kenley took off of Harper is a 9 month size, so I now see why she assumed it was Harper’s shirt – since a 12 month shirt SHOULD BE a lot closer to Harper’s size than Claire’s. Bottom line: Claire is a tiny fidget, and our girls that are 2.5 years apart in age have already started sharing a few wardrobe items. Which is all fun and games until Harper gets designs on the Princess’ shoes…..

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