21st Century Challenges


The first I heard about one daughter tattooing the other daughter was the other night when I went to look at photos on my phone to see which might be blog worthy.

My first thought was who markered my phone, they’re dead. Oddly, I was much less concerned, emotionally, when I realized it was just actually my child’s head.

But, it was weird because since I didn’t see this until like 2AM, it isn’t like I could call Danielle up and find out what was going on. So, photo stream troubles. And, honestly, you don’t want your first exposure to that news to be by way of impersonal photo stream.

Kids do stuff. Crazy stuff. No matter how close you watch them. And they’re devious. So devious. But, my first thought upon realizing the child had been markered: WHY ARE THE ANIMALS RUNNING THE ZOO?

Which fairly quickly segued into amusement at Claire’s deviousness. Honestly, I can’t even find pens in our house anymore because Claire will use them to draw on anything. Claire is two helpings of difficult.

I still have no story for this. The pictures are *well* ahead of the person to person debrief here.

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