Meet Gunner And Doc


Hey! We named ’em. We were finally able to come to terms. Honestly, the thing that tripped us up was having to do two names at once. We kept trying to find pairs of names, but could only agree on one half of each new pair. Finally, we moved away from that and came to terms in about three minutes.

Gunner is the boy, denoted by his blue collar. Part of the reason we picked labs was because of Danielle’s interaction with Radar, the lab of the friends-of-the-family-kind-of-family she stayed with when she first moved up here. So, Radar–>Gun–>Gunner.

Doc is the girl, as denoted by the pink collar. Short for Doctorow, and pulled from writers’ names. As you may have noticed, we have a literary vibe with our recent naming of Harper and Charlotte (AKA Claire). So, there.

Now, why two dogs? We didn’t think it would be fair to Istas or the new puppy if we only brought home one. Istas isn’t exactly old and broken, but she ain’t as young as she used to be. And while we really wanted to get a friend for her, we didn’t think having to deal with the ridiculous antics of a young pup would be the most fun for her.

We also figured, since we’re starting with crate training, that it might be nice to have the new pups share a space and keep each other company. Especially in another month when Danielle is back at work full time, they’ll appreciate the company.

Unanticipated challenges to overcome? Man, training Claire to interact with puppies. Yikes. She does not care for it when they go hyper puppy on her. But, she can’t quite remember how to interact with them in a way that prevents that. Of course, we cut her some slack given that she’s only 2. But, when she turns 3. No more slack.

Also, training two puppies at once. Not unconquerable, but definitely not the route we took previously. Plans had to be modified and such to meet the reality of that mess.

Do we regret it? Not really. It’s a lot of work keeping up with the pups, the kids, living and work. A lot. But, Istas is already better for it. She’s getting plenty of exercise running laps away from the pups. And, truthfully, we’re a dog family. Were, are and will be. And I think as still broken up as we were over losing Kaya so suddenly (yeah, still – not like constantly but you know) it’s nice to have made the step that puts on track to have a nice boisterous dog family again.

This middle part, lot of struggle. But, we’re looking forward to the pay off.

So, there you go. Gunner and Doc, the newest Dass Family members.

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