The Big 3.0



This time three years ago:

I had been sent home to rest from the hospital after Danielle had been in labor all day. The midwives were going to let her get some rest, so they said I should too. Having just gotten home, the midwife called me and very calmly told me to come back. Now. I know your codes, people. Calm means bad. It also means good. Also, bad.

Anyroad, when I returned they said Claire had to come out straight away. And, in about five hours we were sitting in the hospital room holding a real live baby with the extended family.

And then: exile.

Three years. Happy Birthday to Claire. Today, we’ve got a real live wire. Danielle’s mom has been visiting and I’ve got some good pictures of them doing fun stuff this week. But, the rest of today is Claire Day.

Happy Claire Day!

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