Worms Armageddon


One of us has worms. I’m not saying who. But, unrelated one of us started a pre-school recently.

I think it’s hilarious. Danielle is…mortified…I think the kids are saying. But, it’s awesome because we ALL get to take medicine. Yay! I think this counts as a fail in the pass/fail scoring that is parenting.

Worms! Seriously. Don’t Google Image that.


4 thoughts on “Worms Armageddon

  1. Hoooooooooooooow could you do this to me?!

    Incidentally the rest of us had medicine. You had an aspirin with the word scratched off. Enjoy your worms 😛

  2. Gosh, Claire is such a cheeseball! I miss this kid so much. You can send her down to Nashville if you want. I’m not scared of some worms.

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