By The Numbers – August 2012

So, the blog has come to the conclusion of another year. We go by CY here, but the C stands for Claire on account of the blog didn’t exist BC. So, here you go:

Posts: 680
Comments: 237
Pictures: 1603
Videos: 41
Views Since October 2010 (when I moved to WordPress): 17,140
Estimated Total Views: 28,000
Busiest Month: 2,135 in March 2012
Second Busiest Month: 1,657 in November 2011
Busiest Day: 525 on 14 March 2012

I think the new busiest day is no big surprise, given the day. The second busiest day was 13 March 2012. So, note to self – birthing drives blog traffic. I’m particularly pleased with the 41 videos. It was a feature I added to the blog this time last year with the notion of providing one a week. Since I’ve moved to nights, that’s suffered a bit. But, the 41 videos tells me I was doing an excellent job keeping up with that prior to my move to nights. And I’m looking forward to getting back on track with it.

At 680 posts and 1603 pictures, I’ve averaged a little better than one post every other day with about 2 or 3 pictures a post. All of which feels right to me.

And, now onto another year. Don’t be too surprised if the look of the blog changes in the near future. It’s ready for a change, but I’m not quite sure to what just yet.

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