Stickers And Nap Time




You can really tell I have a three year old some days. I don’t even check myself for stickers when I go out anymore. They’ll either assume I really like stickers or I’m an indulgent father. Hopefully not that I’m a creep.

I was out running errands and came across a sticker filled little story book for a dollar so I grabbed it. All about Halloween and trick or treating. When Claire got home we played stickers and make believe trick or treating for about forty five minutes or so. Then Claire told me you go to take a nap daddy. So, she tucked me in her bed with mommy and daddy pooh and told me she’d close the door to her room to protect me from the puppies. You stay in bed!

Good fun. But I’ve still got stickers all over my house clothes. But all the ghosts are – very importantly – holding hands. So, it’s a very friendly mess.

The Big Point Five




It’s hard to believe that yesterday marked the Big Point Five for Harper. We’re half way to a year. Technically, it took the same amount of time as the previous six months. But, it hasn’t felt that way.

Harper is steadily mastering things like sitting up, crawling (albeit backwards), saying things that sound like “momma” and other baby things. She’s reached a point where her vocalizations are clearly a stand in for an attempt to communicate something verbally. As opposed to just screaming/crying. She’s grasped the notion that two humans will occasionally exchange information by way of looking at one another and moving their mouths while making sounds.

So. That’s cool. She’s certainly on the Bullard end of the spectrum in terms of normal speech volume. In fact, everyone but me (and the new puppies) appears to be on the Bullard end of the volume spectrum. An end which is extreme and loud. What I’m saying is that Claire and Harper ARE VERY LOUD EVEN WHILE CONDUCTING NORMAL CONVERSATIONS.

I wonder if we’re obligated to have pie on Harper’s birthday.