Personal Injury


So, recently, Claire came up to me and told me she had an Ow. First, we established – with a fairly ridiculous round of Who’s On First explaining – that this did not happen recently. Then, I tried to figure out how it happened. I mean, she was showing it off to me – out of pride of commiseration I don’t know know – so I figured I should let her tell me the story.

All I can report to you is that she fell down. Somewhere. That’s it. I don’t know if it’s Claire or if all toddlers are like this. She is not so great at answering investigative questions. And, if she doesn’t know the answer or understand the question she just agrees with yes/no questions.

“Did you go to school today?” “Yes.”
“Did you play with friends?” “Yes.”
“What are your friends names?” “Yes.”
“Do you have a friend named…James?” “Yes.”
“How about a friend named Bess?” “Yes.”
“You don’t have a friend named Bess!” “Silly daddy!”

Seriously. I can’t tell whether or not she’s messing with me. She’s great at naming the colors or counting random things. Or, identifying shapes and patterns. But, “Where did this happen?” Nope. Not happening.

She’s an odd one with information. Recently, while getting ready for work, she told me “Daddy! You don’t run at school. You get in trouble!” I wasn’t even running. She shook her finger at me while telling me though.

So, the only thing I have to report is that Claire fell down and got a small cut on her chin some time in the last week at some place. And that she has seven million friends. And that you can’t run at her school. And that so and so doesn’t follow the rules so she tells him to follow them. And that she loves her Pooh. And that there are one two three drinks on the table. And yes. And yes. And yes. Also, yes. Yes. Silly!

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