War Of The Mildly Aggressive Oversized Rain Bands


We interrupt this broadcast to note that schools and workplaces are closed tomorrow in the Washington DC/NOVA area. Schools are also closed on Tuesday. We now return you to our broadcast, which has us on the edge of our seats, currently in progress:

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve just heard Mr. Wilmuth, owner of the farm where this thing has fallen. I wish I could convey the atmosphere . . . the background of this . . . fantastic scene. Hundreds of cars are parked in a field in back of us. Police are trying to rope off the roadway leading to the farm. But it’s no use. They’re breaking right through. Cars’ headlights throw an enormous spot on the pit where the object’s half buried. Some of the more daring souls are now venturing near the edge. Their silhouettes stand out against the metal sheen.

One man wants to touch the thing . . . he’s having an argument with a policeman. The policeman wins. . . . Now, ladies and gentlemen, there’s something I haven’t mentioned in all this excitement, but now it’s becoming more distinct. Perhaps you’ve caught it already on your radio. Listen:

(LONG PAUSE) . . .

Do you hear it? It’s a curious humming sound that seems to come from inside the object. I’ll move the microphone nearer. (PAUSE) Now we’re not more then twenty-five feet away. Can you hear it now?

Gatlinberg: Or, How I May Have To Ruin A Family Gathering If Carl Don’t Keep His Boy In Line







As you know, the girls recently went to Gatlinberg for a family gathering. Not The Gathering. Which is just as well for Carl if he keeps lettin’ his boy flirt with my daughter. Because, I will fight to the death or, at least, for the 187 seconds it takes for my lungs to completely give out. But there will be reckoning!

Also. D’awww! They are adorable. I wish I could have been there.



Time got away from there for a bit. But, pleasantly enough for me, I’ve been enjoying some quality family time. Glow sticks, temporary tattoos, breakfasts and Spider Man cartoons. It’s been grand!

And, as you can see, Harper is growing fast. She’s even crawling pretty good these days.

Hopefully, posts should be regular for awhile. We’re really looking forward to Halloween. Claire is totally excited!