Sorry I’ve been down, gang. What with the holidays, my attention was largely focused on spending time with the family. Got to see my family, my parents and sister and Danielle’s family. So, that was a nice respite. I’m most especially grateful for my time with the sun. I do so miss being up days.

That said, we had a bit of bad luck once we got back. Danielle got in a car accident. Everyone but the car made it out unscathed. So, that’s good. She was on her way to work, just a mile from her school actually, and got caught in a chain reaction accident. Harper was in the car. So, that was scary. Except for the fact that Harper was totally and completely unphased by it all.

I confess that the most traumatic part for me was the phone call from Danielle. Oosh. Very scary. And then the ride to the hospital. The ambulance folks took everyone there to make sure all was well. Funny story that, the CEO of the hospital happened to be in the first elevator I took and was kind enough to walk me over to the Urgent Care area. Nice fellow.

I thought about including a picture of the car, but have decided not to. Crumple zones are designed to protect the occupants from impact. In the course of doing their job, the front of the car is just annihilated. So, it looks like it will be a total loss. And that we are now officially in the market for a new car. We’ll see what the insurance folks say.

So, you can see we’ve been a bit preoccupied. It sucks to *have* to look for a new car. But, a car is a car and we can get a new one. We were thinking about getting a van anyway. A wife and a kid are, well. Not so replaceable. And, truth be told, I’m quite happy with the ones I have. All things considered, it’s a nice reminder of the importance of family.

I hope to have things back up and running per their normal speed here in the next few days. Just be patient. A lot of brain cycles are currently being dedicated to working out the new logistics of all this. But, if you wanted to do something, you know. Hug your family. Because it’s really super that they’re around and that’s easy to forget.

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