I’ve Got An Excuse For That


Well. I got sick in November. Real sick, not crud sick. And have spent the last three months never better than 80% health I’d say. Danielle spent most of January sick. Real sick. And the kids have been trading crud back and forth.

I’m not going to say our house burned down in the time and we didn’t notice. But, I’d say taking stock, a visitor to the Dass Compound might not know the difference.

I found this the other day. No one’s eating this onion. It’s got spunk. We’re going to name it George and keep it. Because, the sheer audacity of this onion. Growing itself up whilst no one was looking. Cheeky onion.

And so what if this year we’re storing the Christmas ornaments on the kitchen table? That’s their home now. You wanna fight about it?

That onion. How hard things have been for us the last three months. And that guy is just chugging along. Good for George!

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got An Excuse For That

  1. George is my friend. I talk to him at night when Billy is working and I’m lonely. He’s also my garden that I was supposed to plant two years ago. So all in all a very important addition to our family.

  2. im super impressed really. George really inspires me to get planting and start watching things grow. or at the very least forget about groceries and see what happens!!

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