Might As Well Be Stalingrad


It’s like Stalingrad out there.*

So, 10 days ago the dogs discovered the fiber optic cable for the Internet. The company failed to bury it like they were supposed to. But, the dogs didn’t notice this until just recently. In the following ten days the dogs have eaten the temp line three times.

Why does the Internet Peoples keep replacing it with an unburied temp line? No idea. Haven’t had time to really consider that given the way we’ve been fighting with the dogs for the side yard, a small 100 square foot piece of weedy land that happens to supply our Internet needs.

We’ve had short lived successes. And much failure. In most instances, the temp line survived less time than the repair expert spent installing it. And then the ground thawed. It rained. And that weedy patch of side yard turned into a muck sucking bog.

Like, this aggression will not stand, dogs.** It is getting a bit desperate out there.

*For the purposes of this analogy, it is true that I am Stalin. But the dogs are Nazi backstabbing Germans.
**And am simultaneously The Dude. It degrades the point a little, but who doesn’t want to be The Dude?

2 thoughts on “Might As Well Be Stalingrad

  1. Have you tried foil or tin pie plates over the wire????? I saw it on a Animal planet show. The dogs have invented a successful game of getting attention– “Kill the Internet” so the humans have to play with me! 🙂

  2. Hm. I had not heard about foil or pie plate trickery. I will have to investigate this. We clearly need all the info we can as these dogs are devious adversaries.

    You know you’re losing when you find yourself red teaming your dogs’ possible actions in the pre-dawn frigid air.

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