9 thoughts on “Best. Photo. Ever.

  1. 1. I don’t think she’s looking at you. Is Pooh somewhere next to you? Or maybe a picture of her Auntie Diana?
    2. Is Claire sporting a mullet these days?

  2. She was smiling back and forth between Danielle and me. It just happened to catch her while she was looking at the light.

    And, we like to think her hair is growing in any way it can. And we hope her hair will take more after mom as she gets older.

  3. Her hair was slicked back from being washed – except for her bangs which had already dried. No mullet. We are going to great lengths involving trained stylists and specialty products to overcome her follicular challenges.

  4. Her hair is pretty!!! Its a beautiful color and you all just quit picking on my sweet angel!!! Us girls with super fine hair gotta stick together!!!! lol!

  5. Ah, see, I thought you meant that this was the best photo ever because of Claire’s obvious adoration for you in this photo. And nobody tell Danielle because you don’t want her to be jealous. Obviously, I see marriage and children as just another venue for competition. This is also probably why I’m neither married nor have children….

    But yes, great photo Danielle! And I think Claire could rock a mullet. Just sayin.

  6. Why can’t it be all of the above? Danielle took a great photo, Claire loves me the most and both of us were having interesting hair days.

    The Game of Life scorecard tells me I’m winning marriage (for being gracious about the superior photo), parenthood (for clearly being the favorite) and a push on photography even with the admission that Danielle’s photo is great.

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