Claire Meets Cinderella – Photo Round Up








Claire showed her pants and shirt patches to everyone. She’s just hyped up on some new threads. It’s cool.

I confess that my favorite of these is the one with the step sister channeling Lucy. Also, Claire was fairly thrilled to get her hand kissed by the Prince. But, you know. She was pretty thrilled with all of it. She’s loving the Cinderella movie lately. And, she got to have a meal with all the characters from it. The Mouse may be equal parts evil corporate dictatorship, but they do that voodoo that they do SO well. It is a magic place. And I’m happy that Claire got to enjoy that.

Sorry For The Delay

I’m still not feeling all that great and sorting through pictures has been a bit taxing. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Harper eating a kiwi fruit.


And, here is a Calvin and Hobbes comic from 1985 that I always think of when I see Harper eating something with her serious face (not pictured above – that’s her meditative face).


Claire Meets Cinderella


I think this picture is just tops. I’ll share some of the other pictures from this meet tomorrow. But, this one is my favorite. My understanding is that this was part of an Eat-With-The-Characters type event. And, my understanding is that Claire – who can be quite shy at times – found the whole event to be particularly rad.