The Second Time Around





I remember the first time we let Claire go wild with a pudding cup. It was so much more controlled. So much more…not wild. But. The second comes along and you’re just a cheerleader for mayhem and destruction.

I mean. You haven’t slept in a time scale better measured in years. You have no “nice” things anymore. Or, you do and there’s no functional attachment. The second time around, you give ’em a pudding cup and practically cheer as they splatter it about everything.

“Oh my god! She got some on the wall!”

“I know. That must be like, what, four feet!”

::high fives all around::


On Saturday, Danielle, Claire and Harper will be participating in the March of Dimes: March For Babies Walk. Her team has set a goal of $500. They’ve already raised $315. And I think it’d be super if they could get to their goal by Friday night.

Please, click here to go to their team page. It’s as easy as any other online purchase. Click the Donate Now icon at the link and provide some basic pay information.

It’s rare that I ask you folks for something here. Besides, it isn’t as though there isn’t a little synergy. This is a blog about babies and the majority of its cast will be supporting a march to raise money for babies on Saturday. So, if you’ve enjoyed the blog in the past, I’d consider a $5 or $10 donation – or what you can afford – a nice way to pay that appreciation forward. If you can’t afford it, that’s okay, too. But, hey. Feel free to spread the link and raise awareness. Or, just be happy that good things are going on on Saturday.

Dress Rehearsal



This is Claire’s costume for her very first dance recital. She’s super excited to wear the costume. And she’s enjoying her dance classes. I’m not sure she quite understands about the recital. We’ll see.





Sorry I missed an update. It’s been a busy couple days of work. However, these photos should make up for the absence.

I love them. Claire was showing me how she had practiced spinning. And, her starting stances are fantastic. Just look how into spinning she would have to be to put her whole body into like that.

And, I’ll note, quite effectively. It’s clear her ninja training is starting to pay off.