Oh. Hello.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I’ve been lacking in the updates department. Well, here we are. First, I’m not dead! Hooray, right? Hooray. I have, however, been battling what appears to be an inner ear infection. Which means that for the last three weeks I’ve been dizzy about ninety percent of the time. Which has been about as awesome as you would think. Plus about one BAM of terrifying.

At any rate, I’m finishing up a course of antibiotics and that seems to be helping. So, here’s hoping this takes care of it. Because, honestly, I’m ready for the room to stop moving.

Given that things are trending towards good health, I thought I’d start posting again. The main reason I stopped was because scrolling the pictures confused my brain. That seems to have stopped. Again. Thank Odin. So, expect photo updates starting back on Monday. And, if I’m absent, just be aware that I’m still struggling with this and that I’ll be up and going as soon as I can.

I’ve still got some great pictures of Harper’s birthday (especially her homemade birthday cake) as well as some photos from Disney. And, that doesn’t even begin to get into the everyday being adorable at home photos. We’ve got funny faces, spiderman impersonations and even a Picasso style portrait or two. So. Be there. I’ll probably be.


That’s me. Waiting, still-like.

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