Claire genuinely enjoys story time. And, even though she can’t read, if she knows the story she’ll tell it and show the pictures. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a picture of that somewhere. I’ll find it for tomorrow.

Harper chews on books. Affectionately.

2 thoughts on “Bibliophiles

  1. Love the photos, Billy. The girls are like the daffodils in my garden – little green shoots yesterday – beautiful flowers today. We miss so much that you and Danielle are loving and enjoying. So happy you are photographing and sharing! Hope you are feeling better. Let us know. Love to all, Aunt Linda

  2. I’m glad you enjoy the photos. Most of the time, I’m happy to see them too. But, some days it’s a chore to get it all set up and posted; it’s a real motivator to know that people are happy to see them. Thank you.

    Otherwise, I’m changing my sleep schedules back to nights and expect to feel my usual fantastic self once my body adjusts to the hours.

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