Dress Rehearsal



This is Claire’s costume for her very first dance recital. She’s super excited to wear the costume. And she’s enjoying her dance classes. I’m not sure she quite understands about the recital. We’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. So you think its possible for you to record the recital?!?!!? i want to be sitting in the audience but thats kinda impossible right now!!! i cant believe how much of a kid she is and not a baby anymore!!!!! Give her a million kisses and hugs from me!!! i miss you all soooooooo much!!!!!!!

  2. Clearly you guys have been out of the ballet game too long. I’m 100% certain they will sell us a DVD for 6 times the market value of a new release and roughly the value of the camcorder we would have needed to film it ourselves…..BUT DIY jobs don’t get close ups 😉

  3. If this recital is anything other than a way to generate cash via some aughties video recording technology as managed by Marc-you-know-Tina’s-cousin-that-has-that-camera-you-know-who-I’m-talking-about-with-the-hair, I’ll be surprised. I mean, they just don’t have the infrastructure to fleece us like Disney World does. It isn’t a dig. But y’all are definitely playing right into Dance Industrial Complex.

  4. Well that may be true and DIY jobs cant really get as close but more importantly… I really only care about Claire and her dance… not all those other annoying kids…. and if you record it… then you will focus on the true star of the show- Claire. The purchased DVD will probably show all those other kids… and no one really cares about them… we want CLAIRE we want CLAIRE!!! Just so long as the recital is recorded and we will get to see the precious angel dancing then all is right in the world!

  5. Recording the recital I can do but I wouldn’t hold out much hope for her actually dancing. At the parents week, she just huddled next to me and cried LOL

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