The Second Time Around





I remember the first time we let Claire go wild with a pudding cup. It was so much more controlled. So much more…not wild. But. The second comes along and you’re just a cheerleader for mayhem and destruction.

I mean. You haven’t slept in a time scale better measured in years. You have no “nice” things anymore. Or, you do and there’s no functional attachment. The second time around, you give ’em a pudding cup and practically cheer as they splatter it about everything.

“Oh my god! She got some on the wall!”

“I know. That must be like, what, four feet!”

::high fives all around::

One thought on “The Second Time Around

  1. I cant even fully express in words how delightful i find these pictures!!! Harper is a girl after my own heart!!! how i wish it was acceptable for an adult to have as much joy and freedom eating a pudding cup!!! My daddy used to tell me “it aint any good unless you get it all over yourself” and as you can see by that beautiful smile- Harper sees the truth in that statement!!! Go Harper Go!!!!

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