Everything At Once


Trying to do everything at once is tough. But, eventually you get a handle on it. Claire’s solution after dropping everything was to tuck the phone in the towel. It worked, but she had to hold her head sideways and horizontal to make it work. So. Grain of salt.

We’ve Got The Beta


This is a surprisingly effective way to deliver multiple medicines to your four year old. The one she likes being first out. No multiple attempts to achieve compliance. One and done.

Also, the red went in second. Fluid dynamics is rad.

Status Update – 06 May 2013

Hello! There’s a bit of news on the news front. The bit of news is also going to be quite engaging for the next few days. So, apologies in advance for the temporary lull in picture posts.

First. I’m coming off nights and back to days. Hooray! It has its ups and downs, like anything else. But, it will be nice to be allowed to sleep at night again. Especially now that lawn mowing season is upon us and my neighbors seem to have divided their mowing such that someone is always mowing. Also, family and stuff is pretty rad, too. That said. Sunday morning was my last morning worked on the night shift. I’m back on days by Tuesday. Maybe today. Maybe Wednesday. Depends on how the second bit of news plays out. Changing my sleep schedule from nights to days is roughly like the jet lag you would experience on a trip back from Thailand. So. Expect general confusion and grogginess on my part this week.

Second. A toilet has broken in our house. I found the leak an hour ago when I heard dripping in our downstairs great room. I discovered an expansive puddle and traced it to its source in the guest bathroom. Upstairs. Where a larger puddle had formed. Basically. Minor water emergency. One entire wall downstairs will probably have to go. As will probably the floor in the bathroom. Also, there’s water under the floor boards downstairs. While they are generally water proof, they’ll have to be taken up so the water can be cleared out. Oh. And probably a portion of the downstairs ceiling.

In short. AUGH!

Any road you take, this week is going to be exceptionally trying. Also. Claire is sick. And Harper is sick. Which means I’ll probably get sick because I have about zero energy reserves and zero immune system at the moment. Oh. And Danielle’s AP testing starts today.



All I’m saying is, just be aware the lull will probably continue throughout this week.

Here is a picture of Claire using Captain Amercica as a human shield when I told her I was going to take a picture of a temper tantrum she was having last week.


The reason for the temper tantrum? Danielle gave her two (!) pony tails instead of one. We all handle disappointment in our own ways. I might have to consider the sobbing hysterically under the plastic picnic table method of stress management this week. It worked out for her. She wound up with one pony tail. Although, also probably a headache. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a pony tail? I think so.