Lightning, Thunder, Memory Making

Sometimes you think you have a great idea. You run out in a lull to make a grocery run and then this happens:

Now. That’s all well and good. Haha. Silly me. Lesson learned. Stuck in the car in a downpour not worth driving in for some beverages.

But! What’s fun is that after the storm finished blowing through – and I returned with said beverages – I found the thunder had woken up Claire from her nap. She’d been sick this weekend. And wasn’t feeling great. We had a lot of relax on the couch time as a family. But, feeling great or not, three year olds always want to do. Do.

They’re a very movement oriented lot. Life is best experienced moving at full speed when you’re three. And, to be fair, having only recently truly learned to experience one’s immediate environment, it’s no wonder they’re all a bit helter skelter.

So, sick days are the natural adversary of every three old. What to do what to do. “Ah ha!” I says. Let’s watch the lightning! She was telling me about the thunder and I asked her if she’d like to watch the lightning. “Uh, yeah!” she says.


So, we adventured down to landing at the front entrance and watched the lightning. I told her how thunder and lightning work. That light goes faster than sound. And explained that you could count from the flash to the thunder to tell if the storm was moving away or coming closer.

Probability of advanced meteorological and physics knowledge retention for the three year old? 10%. Probability of a memory written indelible ink? 100%.

It was pretty rad.

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