Health Event Notice


Ordinarily, when the kids get sick I’d make a CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN post. But, I generally reserve that for barfing events.

Harper was admitted to the hospital today with a 104 fever. Fortunately, after some treatment, the fever is way down. Almost gone. Unfortunately, Harper’s last cold turned into pneumonia. Which means she’s going to be hospital bound until she can breathe better on her own.

Fortunately, some easy breathing treatments at the hospital are working well for her and she mainly needs to be there until the antibiotics kick out the pneumonia. So, yay for hospitals.

Unfortunately, she had to have an IV for fluids and antibiotics. Oh my god. Pray you never have to have a one year old get an IV.

Harper flummoxed the first attempt, the RN flubbed the second and the third was successful until the anchor gave way in a fit of I’m-Seriously-Done-With-This-I’ll-Smash-Everything from Harper.

And, really pray you don’t have a new RN come in to assist with the fourth attempt and lecture parents about how a 14 month old is 14 months and parents are parents old. And good parents make sure their 14 month olds don’t thrash around when connected to six different wires in a strange room with a fever.

Especially if you’ve already been there for 6 hours and you haven’t eaten anything of note yet. And especially if the fourth attempt is successful in spite of the new RN bumbling about and such after fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes! And I’m a jerk.

Anyway. We’re very lucky to have that be the worst of the day. And I’m happy for that. Be aware updates may be unusually timed or slow over the next couple days.

Harper is doing very well tonight, considering, and we believe she will continue to improve.

2 thoughts on “Health Event Notice

  1. In an unrelated story, authorities are seeking information on the whereabouts of a missing ER nurse. Tall, skinny, blonde hair, glasses…..answers to “Hey Bitch”

  2. Seriously i am surprised they allowed her to continue for 15 minutes!!! and what a horrible “nurse” lecturing you guys!!!! bad bad bad!!! i wanna help strangle some nurses with ya Dee!!!!

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