Health Event Notice: Endgame


It can be a tricky thing, bringing the next generation into the world. A tricky thing indeed.

Harper is home. She’s slept all night so far. I imagine she’s as grateful to be in her own bed as she is to be free of Club Arm and the Cords (also the name of my next band).

Claire stayed with my mom and then with Danielle’s mother and sister. And has largely had a blast.

Harper, less so. She had her arm wrapped for the majority of her stay to keep the IV properly secured. After a horrendous initial four hours, they broke down and rewrapped it so her thumb was accessible. She’s a thumb sucker. But, she couldn’t use her hand otherwise. It was heartbreakingly adorable today to see her undergo the process of remembering that her hand functioned as more than a club. A reminder of their amazing ability to adapt to new circumstances and terrible because for a while my baby thought her arm was only functional as a crude tool.

These things are tough. We’re fortunate to have access to any medical care required. And, we’ve got a baby clearly on the mend. We are also fortunate to have help from our friends and family.

Today, Claire has her first dance photo session and her first recital next week. Life happens, man. Everyday, all day. And that’s good.

Health Event Note: stand down.

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