Before The Recital, After the Recital




Claire seemed to really enjoy the entire recital experience. Considering how stressful recitals can be, I’m really glad that this was the case.

This isn’t to say that Danielle and Claire didn’t have an epic throw down when it came time to do her hair on Recital Mo(u)rning. But, it is to say that after her number, at intermission, she was very excited to see me and looking forward to going back out for her end of show curtain call.

Side note: I really like the picture of her back stage waiting to go out. Mostly because it gives you some insight into the terrifying intensity she’s going to wield later in life. Imagine that expression in a court room.

After the show we went out for a meal with my parents and Danielle’s mom. All in, it was a pretty nice day. And a good weekend for Claire.

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