PowerFrump Girls


It’s been a tough week. But, here’s a little note for you. Claire and I have been watching Powerpuff Girls at night as a before bed ritual. She calls them the Powerfrump Girls. Which is unintentional and hilarious. She agrees that her mom is Buttercup. I’ve always thought of myself as Bubbles. Surprisingly, Claire thinks of me as Blossum and not Professor Utonium. She thinks she’s Bubbles.

This is awesome stuff, but you’ll have to watch some of the show to really appreciate the fullness of our character assignments.

We’ve been using the Netflix. Unfortunately, they have only the first thirty episodes or so. The second half of the run isn’t available there.

But, she’s really been digging them. I dig them because it’s a great show, but it’s also a superhero show with young girls as the main characters. I love that Claire loves Spider-Man and Captain America, but it’s cool for her to have some entertainment where she can see herself as the hero.

Plus, Mojo Jojo, who is awesome because of the awesome monologue-ing he is doing with regularity and intensity while he is doing the talking parts of his role on the show which involves his awesome talking. MooooJo JOjo!

We’ve also started in on some Dexter’s Laboratory. So, it’s a pretty sweet gig for me as dad at the moment.

At any rate, there you go.

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