The New Hotness – Maybe

So, here it is. I’m still fiddling with bits and pieces of the new look. But, this is what the blog will look like until August. The new look will come off probation then, one way or the other. Once you click on specific posts, you’ll find all the old sidebars and also that pictures and videos will display in their previous larger formats.

While I like the scrolling larger format pictures, I very much dig the look of so many of the pictures displayed on the screen. It gives a stronger impression of what the site is: a collection of pictures telling a story.

Yes. I’ve heard of TUMBLR.

4 thoughts on “The New Hotness – Maybe

  1. Billy, If I give you my password stuff, can you directly upload pictures onto Ceiva for the Grandfolks?

  2. Send it to me via email. I can promise that I’ll download the app and put the right information on my phone to make it as easy as is possible for me to remember. Notionally, I’ll load the photos I select for the blog. But, please note, my success with that sort of thing has been unreliable.

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