The Cornetto Trilogy



For those of you wondering from my Facebook feed what I was up to tonight, well. Did you miss out! We attended a premiere event for The World’s End – the latest and last in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy – at the Alamo Drafthouse. Its predecessors being Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Ah! But, that’s not all!

Preceding the main event, we got to watch Shaun of the Dead AND Hot Fuzz on the Big Screen. All with a special event food menu of things like fish and chips, scotch eggs and three flavored ice cream sundays. I’m not saying we ate all that. I’m just saying. It was an option. They had their usual fare available as well.

On top of that, everyone that dressed up – at a minimum – as the titular character from Shaun of the Dead was entered into a raffle for some pretty rad prizes. This resulted in a hearty mix of heavy enthusiasts and willing participants. Alas, I did not win. But a signed special edition Shaun of the Dead poster did go to an old friend. So, it’s worse than not winning.

Danielle and I love going to the movies. For us, that’s time well spent together. But, I confess a trilogy session was tough even if it was TOTALLY worth it. As movie fans, premiere events are cool. And Shaun of the Dead is easily ranked in our top tier of favorite movies. Basically, I consider it a reward for successfully completing the last four weeks without a minor melt down.

You’ve got red on you.

My Free Time This Month




If you’re curious what has had me so busy most of this month, it’s SENSE

This past week I was at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island supporting a SENSE based United States Institute of Peace training session for the 353rd Civil Affairs Command. The training was only for a few days. But, the workload for trainers included set up time for the event as well retraining ourselves on the requirements of our positions.

The last picture is a certificate we received from CACOM for our support. The Colonel in charge indicated we should consider this an addition to what they call the “I Love Me Wall”. Near as I can tell, this is my I Love Me Wall. So. mission success.

What is SENSE? “SENSE simulates the resource allocation challenges confronting national and international decision-makers. Its sophisticated computer support provides participants with rapid feedback on the results of their time-sensitive decision-making in terms of political stability, social justice, and a foundation for economic progress. But the primary activity in SENSE is negotiation between and among those participating in the simulation.”

There are generally around fifty or sixty players who represent local government – an executive and legislative branch -, international groups (World Bank, US, EU/NATO, regional powers etc.), local and multni-national business and local aid organizations. Assigned roles come with personalized histories to include ethnic backgrounds, customs and personal ambitions. Drug trafficking and insurgencies are also represented.

Anyroad, it’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. I love doing it. I love the team and I love the opportunity to meet folks who are also interested in this area. It’s a great experience for everyone. But, I’m exhausted.

Additionally, I’m moving my work schedule from evenings to mornings. So, while that’s a plus for my family in the mid to long term, in the near term it means I will spend a great deal of time not understanding a whole lot of anything. Expect August to continue to be a slow month for posts.

Your Annual Update (2013)

I started this project four years ago. And I do consider it a project. Blog. Sure. But, still. It’s a project. It takes a not insignificant amount of time to keep updates regular. Not to mention a bit of dedication to keep it running for four years. I’m happy to say that I don’t see an end to this project any time in the near future. Rest easy.

Every year I like to list out a bit of a status update to capture the totality of what’s here. Mostly it’s for me. But, you can enjoy it, too.

Posts: 874
Comments: 372
Images: 1,981
Videos: 77

Views (since moving to WordPress in October 2010): 23,877
Views (estimated total based on daily averages at WordPress): 33,500

There you go. Those are the basic numbers.

Regarding the update to the look of the blog: Probation has ended, the new look continues. I like it. I’m particularly pleased with the multi-column look. I enjoy how the look of previous posts changes with each new post as everything is rearranged to allow for the new. While it does tread the line on a slightly busy look, I’m satisfied with the feel of it. I hope you enjoy the current state, because I imagine the blog will persist in this fashion for some time to come. I may change the header image selection. But, everything else will largely stay as it is.

For those of you who’ve taken the time to offer your appreciation for the blog: you are appreciated. It’s a big motivator to know that people outside of myself continue to this project as valuable and enjoyable.

On to the next year.

The Big 4.0


“Years Old: 4.”

Claire’s been saying that all day.

“Years old? 4.” “Years? Old? 4.” “Years old? Fooour!”

We had more Birthdaying today, and more in store for Claire on Friday. At the moment, I’m having a bit of a headache. So, more Birthdaying photos and thoughts to come.

But, ill leave you with: wow. Claire is 4!