The Top Five Videos Evar (2013)

5: Dancin’ to Journey

4: Face Time

3: They All Lauged (2013)

2: Claire Meets Harper

1: Okay Then

And there you go. There’s your Top Five Most Watched Videos Evar. For reference, as of this Tuesday, this feature will have been active for two years with 77 videos posted here. The statistics suite doesn’t preserve data streaming counts after each calendar month, but I’d estimate I trend somewhere towards an hour’s worth of video streamed each month.

So. Now you know. And if you weren’t interested, hey. There’s five videos people seem to enjoy watching. You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “The Top Five Videos Evar (2013)

  1. I think I’m skewing your results. I watch the panties and laughing videos anytime I miss those girls–which is about 3x per day.

  2. Re-watches count as watches in my book. But, I’m not surprised Okay Then shot to the top. It’s short. Hilarious. And the still pic the video shows is…compelling. And They All Laughed is quality Harper and Claire play time. If you watch it once, you can’t help but watch it three times.

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