My Free Time This Month




If you’re curious what has had me so busy most of this month, it’s SENSE

This past week I was at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island supporting a SENSE based United States Institute of Peace training session for the 353rd Civil Affairs Command. The training was only for a few days. But, the workload for trainers included set up time for the event as well retraining ourselves on the requirements of our positions.

The last picture is a certificate we received from CACOM for our support. The Colonel in charge indicated we should consider this an addition to what they call the “I Love Me Wall”. Near as I can tell, this is my I Love Me Wall. So. mission success.

What is SENSE? “SENSE simulates the resource allocation challenges confronting national and international decision-makers. Its sophisticated computer support provides participants with rapid feedback on the results of their time-sensitive decision-making in terms of political stability, social justice, and a foundation for economic progress. But the primary activity in SENSE is negotiation between and among those participating in the simulation.”

There are generally around fifty or sixty players who represent local government – an executive and legislative branch -, international groups (World Bank, US, EU/NATO, regional powers etc.), local and multni-national business and local aid organizations. Assigned roles come with personalized histories to include ethnic backgrounds, customs and personal ambitions. Drug trafficking and insurgencies are also represented.

Anyroad, it’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. I love doing it. I love the team and I love the opportunity to meet folks who are also interested in this area. It’s a great experience for everyone. But, I’m exhausted.

Additionally, I’m moving my work schedule from evenings to mornings. So, while that’s a plus for my family in the mid to long term, in the near term it means I will spend a great deal of time not understanding a whole lot of anything. Expect August to continue to be a slow month for posts.

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