The Cornetto Trilogy



For those of you wondering from my Facebook feed what I was up to tonight, well. Did you miss out! We attended a premiere event for The World’s End – the latest and last in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy – at the Alamo Drafthouse. Its predecessors being Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Ah! But, that’s not all!

Preceding the main event, we got to watch Shaun of the Dead AND Hot Fuzz on the Big Screen. All with a special event food menu of things like fish and chips, scotch eggs and three flavored ice cream sundays. I’m not saying we ate all that. I’m just saying. It was an option. They had their usual fare available as well.

On top of that, everyone that dressed up – at a minimum – as the titular character from Shaun of the Dead was entered into a raffle for some pretty rad prizes. This resulted in a hearty mix of heavy enthusiasts and willing participants. Alas, I did not win. But a signed special edition Shaun of the Dead poster did go to an old friend. So, it’s worse than not winning.

Danielle and I love going to the movies. For us, that’s time well spent together. But, I confess a trilogy session was tough even if it was TOTALLY worth it. As movie fans, premiere events are cool. And Shaun of the Dead is easily ranked in our top tier of favorite movies. Basically, I consider it a reward for successfully completing the last four weeks without a minor melt down.

You’ve got red on you.

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