Here’s Harper!

Every night. Literally every night. Every night I turn off the water after I’m done with my shower Harper runs over and starts banging on the door. I don’t know why she does this.

I like to think it’s because she knows I’ll be out to play with her some more. But, I suspect it’s because she knows her bath time is soon. And she really likes her some bath time. “Move, Dad! Get out the way!”

A Tale Of Two Faces



We started getting the girls ready for bed and Danielle went downstairs to get a clean shirt for Harper. You would have thought she abandoned her forever. Harper was totally happy with life and, I guess as far as she could tell, her mom unceremoniously abandoned her at bed time. For. Ever.

Obviously I took a picture before rendering comfort. It’s what I do. I told Danielle about this wonderful, heartbreaking face I wanted to show her and Claire thought I was talking about one of her many faces. So I said give me your best face. And there you go.

So, as promised, a tale of two faces.

Game Of Beds



This is from last week when Harper was still feeling pretty rough. She played a lot of Make Believe Bed Time. Any blanket, box or pillow was immediately turned into a makeshift bed for her to “pretend” to go to bed.

Try and put her in her actual bed. She will fight you. But, Pretend Bed was alright. You can see though that she wasn’t in a terrible mood and that we definitely weren’t torturing her by making her sleep on a cardboard bed sheet on the floor while she was sick with the plague.

It was all a game. With dire consequences and serious rules that she would enforce, sure. But, a friendly game still.

Seafood Photo Bomb



So. We’re at Walmart getting some things to assist in completing the downstairs repairs. We have a Everybody Should Eat Something moment. I see Harper doodling away with a bit of chicken nugget stored in her mouth, gracefully, for later consumption. I take a picture. And then notice Claire trying to get the attention of the camera with ye olde seefood joke. So I take a picture.

I’m not an enabler, I’m a sociological documentarian on long term assignment.